Science Department

Our department offers three subjects in the school curriculum. These include Physics, Chemistry and Biology, where chemistry is taken by all students in the school from form one to form four while Physics and Biology are compulsory in forms one and two, but selected by students in form three as optional subjects. However, there is increase in students enrolment in the two subjects as years go by.

The department comprises of eleven teaching and four technical staff members in charge of the various subjects and the laboratories which are four in number. With the implementation of “Strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education (SMASSE)” project by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST) in collaboration with Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), it is hoped that there will be a lot of improvement in the performance by students in the Sciences and Mathematics in our school as most of our members of the department have gone through the four In-service Education and Training (INSET) cycles in the SMASSE project whose major aim is to introduce innovative and creative ways of Science and Mathematics for meaningful learning through the “Activity, Student-Centred, Experiment and Improvising” (ASEI) – Planning, Doing, Seeing and Improving (PDSI) approach.

As a department, we appreciate the continued support by the administration under the able stewardship of our Principal, Mrs. Munyasya for providing adequate teaching and learning materials in form of text books and laboratory equipment.

With team work and dedication among all the stakeholders, ie. Teachers, parents and students together with the managers of our school, we look forward to production of an all rounded girl child with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the challenges in the dynamic world of great technological advancements,

Below is the list of the teaching and technical members of the department.


Membership of the Department:-

Teaching Staff

1. Mr. Chemorei - Head of Department /Head of Subject (physics)

2. Ms. Hawala. - Head of Subject (chemistry)

3. Mrs. Chelule - Head of Subject (Biology)

4. Mr. Bwari - Physics/Chemistry

5. Mr. Wambugu - Chemistry/P.E

6. Mr. Kimeu - Chemistry/Maths

7. Mr. Wachira - Physics/Maths

8. Mrs. Muriithi - Biology/Maths

9. Mrs. Magak - Biology/Agriculture

10. Mrs. Nganga - Biology/Chemistry

11. Mrs. Mutwiri - Biology/Maths

Technical Staff

1. Mr. Migalo K.M. - In charge of Biology labs

2. Pascalia Mwende - In charge of Physics/Chemistry labs

By Mr. Chemorei