Maths Department


Members of Teaching Staff in this department are:








Our gospel to the students is ‘verily verily we say unto you – seek ye first good performance in Mathematics, and good performance in all other subjects will follow’.

Our aim is to produce a person who will enumerate orderly, logical, accurate and precise thought, a person who will be competent in appraising and utilizing mathematical skills in playing a positive role in the development of modern society.

In the department, we have managed to work together in such a way that teachers feel free to ask one another to step into their classes to either encourage or teach either a lesson or even a topic and we have seen this help us move from a mean grade of 3’s to 4.5 and this is just a beginning.

We have an active maths club and we have participated in science congress.

We have even had a day out to another school which performs well in maths and our students have had a chance to attend their classes the whole day and our teachers also had an opportunity to teach maths in that school and this gave our students a chance to mingle and exchange ideas with those students.

We have taken our students to various maths contests and this becomes a very good opportunity to just interact and share ideas with students of other schools both better in performance than them and others even poorer than them.

The members in the department usually share tea on Tuesdays at break time and at this time, they laugh together and even cry together when need be. Every member in the department looks forward to this day and it bonds the members in a special way.

There is a programme of sharing out students to all members in the department for special attention and this makes the students free to approach any teacher any time they face a problem in maths.

Teachers in the department have all gone through the 4 cycles of SMASSE and this has enabled them to deliver PDSI (Plan Do See Implement) and ASEI (Activity Student Experiment Improve) lessons. The department has also the advantage of having one of its members as a trainer of Trainers in SMASSE and from him, other members benefit a lot. This SMASSE programme has helped teachers get HANDS on activities that make maths a practical and interesting and also applicable subject.

Teaching maths is a challenge but we have all been motivated by the fact that the subject’s mean grade has improved and this has given the students and teachers confidence that this mean grade will shoot to above 7’s in the near future.

By H.O.D