Languages Department

The department deals with teaching of two languages, namely English and Kiswahili.

It is manned by a team of twelve dedicated and active members of staff. We have six members in English.

1. Mrs. Gachari (H.O.D.)

2. Mrs. Muka (Subject head, English)

3. Mrs. Ayiro (Deputy Principal)

4. Mrs. Onguko

5. Mrs. Ogeka

In Kiswahili we have the following members:

1. Mrs. Nzuka (Subject head Kiswahili)

2. Mrs. kiprop

3. Mr. Ongwae


The department is very important in the school. First, because English and Kiswahili are compulsory subjects and so every student must do well in these two subjects. Secondly, because English is the language of instruction and communication, hence all subjects strongly depend on the language. Therefore languages department form the centre name of the academics in the school. Good performance in the languages influence performances in other subjects as they are all taught and examined in English. Hence the languages department has such a challenge to carry the academic flag of the school high. French, on the other hand, is equally important as these students who choose the subject have an advantage in having a foreign language and to improve their career prospects.


The department has several clubs namely

1. Drama

2. Debating

3. Journalism

4. Music (verses)

These clubs make the department actively involved in a number of out of class activities as well as providing entertainment and a variety to the students.


The members of the department have been working very hard to improve performance in the languages which they believe is the base of good performance in all other departments. The gradual improvement has done the department proud. It is quite encouraging and so the department’s dream is to become even the best and to take the head.


The department faces challenges, such as teaching a heavy load of about 28 lessons at times and big classes of about 50 students. The ‘sheng’ language is also a challenge in that most of our students are more fluent in sheng than the languages and so the department has to work very hard to ensure the students use grammatical English or Kiswahili.


The department targets to improve scores, so that about half of all the students score grade A and A-. We also hope to get rid of grade C+ and below. Such a vision can only be achieved through a lot of hard work and dedication from both the teachers and the students.

For the students, my advice is that the secret behind good performance in languages is practise in both spoken and written language. Hence my challenge to all our students is to form a reading culture, use grammatical language all the time and shun the use of sheng. Read a story book or a magazine as long as it is not phonographic and you will notice the difference.