Guidance & Counseling


Guidance and counseling are related but offer distinct services. Guidance is the expert direction or help given to someone through teaching, directing, opinion giving, exemplifying, explaining, advising and instructions to enable the person to make informed and responsible choices so as to adjust or cope with various challenges in her direction.

The department offers additional guidance, career guidance, social guidance, health guidance among others.

Counseling on the other hand is an interactive process which involves unique relationship between counselor and the client which may result to client behavior change geared in making life’s important decisions and maintain the students’ ability to cope with life situation.

The Guidance and Counseling department consist of five committed members. The department offers a place where the students can be accepted and understood. It assists the students to know that there is someone who will give them some attention, empathy and without any judgement.

The department offers corrective or remedial guidance to students with disruptive behavior to promote behavior change, punishment alone does not deter misconduct.

New students in school are helped to cope with new teachers, subjects, classes, regulations and accommodation. In such cases, orientation programmes organized by guidance and counseling department enable the learner to settle down faster through educational guidance, the learner with personal psychological problems acquire life skills, attitudes and values that enable them manage their problems with less fear and anxiety.

To achieve our objectives, the department invites guest speakers every end of the term to talk to the students. We also have counseling programmes for different classes on Wednesdays. Peer counselors also facilitate group-counseling session every Monday.

There are peer counselors in every class who assist girls with cases that can be dealt with at their level. They are very dedicated and responsible girls who also help the department to have knowledge of girls who require attention.

The department also organized a programme with Choose Life Ministry. The peer counselors also participate in annual peer educators’ days that have really boosted their morale.

We believe that the department will continue assisting the students to achieve self reverence, self knowledge and self acceptance and discover their strengths and excel in them.

We would wish to thank the Principal and the entire school community for the assistance they have given to the department in order to realize our objectives.