G.E.M Club


The above named movement was officially started in Ngara in late 2005. Its patron is Mrs. Mutea and it has a total of forty members, seven of them being officials.

In most schools and institutions, the movement is sponsored by one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations Organizations which is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organizations but we are yet to be recognized by this renowned organizations.

The movement’s main aim is to address the plight of the girl child, to advocate for gender equality in all aspects of life especially in education to build up the self-esteem of the girl child and to mould a brighter future for her.

Many might think the movement is confined to girls only due to its name. On the contrary, boys play a vital role in helping the movement to achieve its objectives. This is also the general misapprehension that only girls suffer from gender inequality. We as G.E.M, strive to ensure this thought as we advocate for the rights of the boy child too.

In our school, we have contributed through providing basic necessities to deserving students who require them, so as to boost their morale and push them to excellence. Therefore, we as the Ngara community should work hand in hand with this movement to make a better tomorrow for the girl child, not forgetting her male counterpart.