Culture Club

The culture club was found in the year 2006. Despite its short life span, it has boomed with life ever since its birth. The main drive for the formation of this club was our Principal Mrs. Mwandoe. Many are the time that she asked students to develop a culture that will be of positive benefit to the school and thus the club was born.

The reason for forming the club was to educate fellow students to know more about the African Culture and to take pride in their origin. It has the highest number of members and this clearly shows us that students in Ngara have a thirst to know more about the African culture.

The patron of the club is Mr. Muchiri who has contributed enormously to its maturity and success. Below his authority are the club officials. The motto of the club is “Our Culture, our pride”.

Did you know?

  • That Girls of the Kipsigis community, when initiated have to be isolated for 20 months!! The lengthy period involves lessons on women’s responsibilities and duties.
  • That the kitchen is believed to be “women’s territory” according to the Kipsigis? Within the kitchen is a bed structure which is constructed for the purpose of the women’s rest. The emphasis that the woman is only supposed to be involved in house hold activities.

For more information, visit the Culture Club one of these fine days and you are assured of leaving a more proud African.