Culture Club

The culture club was found in the year 2006. Despite its short life span, it has boomed with life ever since its birth. The main drive for the formation of this club was our Principal Mrs. Mwandoe. Many are the time that she asked students to develop a culture that will be of positive benefit to the school and thus the club was born.

G.E.M Club


The above named movement was officially started in Ngara in late 2005. Its patron is Mrs. Mutea and it has a total of forty members, seven of them being officials.

Guidance & Counseling


Guidance and counseling are related but offer distinct services. Guidance is the expert direction or help given to someone through teaching, directing, opinion giving, exemplifying, explaining, advising and instructions to enable the person to make informed and responsible choices so as to adjust or cope with various challenges in her direction.

Art Club

Right from birth when one is born and you open your eyes, art soothes you into its arms. Watching a butterfly, the colour of the sky and all the colours you can ever imagine are all amazing. That’s art at birth. Then you get to grow in it and come to realize that it’s not all about colours: that everything you do is art.