Art Club

Right from birth when one is born and you open your eyes, art soothes you into its arms. Watching a butterfly, the colour of the sky and all the colours you can ever imagine are all amazing. That’s art at birth. Then you get to grow in it and come to realize that it’s not all about colours: that everything you do is art.

Our club helps one discover all this things. Its fascinating how art is defined by the way you walk, the way you speak, your eyes, your smile and all that you can ever think of. Our imagination depends on art. With the design of everything that is man made: the cars, buildings and clothes, that which is natural: the planets, rocks, the sea, plants (flowers)…………… I mean just everything, art speaks out. We can never get to the end of the list but adding the way art has been used to express our culture makes it all complete.

With the knowledge we get from our club, we become livelier, for art is life. Appreciating what is pleasing to the eyes, that which calms your soul with sight is what our club transforms us to be. Without art, cartoons would not have been exiting, beauty would be a mystery, some companies would never come to be and the models we admire everyday on TV, magazines and billboards would be nowhere. Nothing pleases the eye without simple elements of art: Colour, Texture, Tone, lines and dots. With all this, we create everything you see………….simplify, just art. We share with the world so share with us…………..